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Dealing with Foul Odors – What to do in the Meantime

Pet Odor CleanupOf all the senses, smell is the most powerful one that is tied to memory. This means a strange, foul smell in your home is one that people will remember for a very long time. Obviously, this is something you don’t want!

At The Clean Advantage, we want you to call us as soon as possible so we can help rid your home of any foul smells that could emanate from your carpet. Meanwhile, here are some ways to help before your carpets can be properly cleaned.

Like most problems, speed is of the essence. Get to the smell, and handle it. Pets are the number one cause of most odors, so it is a good idea to look in their obvious places.

The best at home remedy you use is baking soda. Chances are you have some in the pantry or even in the refrigerator to eliminate odors. This is why it can work as a temporary fix. Find the odor location, and liberally cover the spot. Baking soda is not going to hurt your carpet, so don’t be worried about the amount. Use double what you think you need. Lightly brushing the soda into the carpet is a good idea as well.

Let sit overnight or a few days. Vacuum the soda. This should make the odor better, but it is not a panacea. Another round may work, but this is not guaranteed.

Pet odors are a different story. Dogs and cats sense of smell is considerably better than ours, and they return to the same spots over and over. There are sprays that can mask smells available but masking is all that happens. The odor and potential stain needs to come out completely.

This is when you need to call The Clean Advantage. Our powerful yet safe cleaning agents handle the stain and the odor. Get rid of an odor that will stay in your mind for a very long time by replacing it with a pleasant smell of freshly cleaned carpet. Call or email today and let us know how we can help you.

Call The Clean Advantage at (608) 848-8249 to schedule your pet odor cleanup right away.

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