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DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

If your carpets need a good deep cleaning you can rent a machine from a department store or hire the pros at The professional carpet cleaningClean Advantage to do it.

Let’s compare the two to see which is better for your carpet.



You have to rent one of these machines and buy the cleaners to use in them. If you get the wrong kind of cleaner, you can damage or ruin your carpet. You’re also renting a machine other people have used. You don’t know what they put through the device. Imagine renting a machine that still has bleach inside the hoses and tank.


Maintained and cleaned by experts, our truck-mounted equipment is capable of lifting more dirt from your carpet than a lower-powered rental device. It’s also operated by experts who know what is safe to use on your carpet and what is not safe.



Cleaning products you buy in a store can be good. Sometimes they are just less concentrated versions of the same chemicals pros use. Sometimes they are something different entirely. The problem is some cleaners can damage or ruin the carpet. Some cleaners can’t remove certain stains. Do you know what is safe to use on your carpet and what is not?


We buy our cleaning chemicals in concentrated bulk orders. Then, we mix and dilute the cleaners to match what your carpet needs. The Clean Advantage knows what it takes to clean and protect your carpet.



How often do you deep clean your carpets? This is not a vacuum job, but a penetrating clean that goes deep to remove odors, stains and allergy-causing pet dander. Most homeowners who deep clean their own carpets do it a few times a year. That doesn’t build up much experience.


We do this every day, several times a day. We’re cleaning carpets around the Verona region every day. We’ve got years of experience backing up everything we do.



If you clean your carpets with a rental machine, you have no guarantees. If something happens, the department store is not going to help you. If the carpet is not as clean as you want it to be, you have to do it again. Finding time to do it the first time was hard enough. How will you find time to do it again?


The Clean Advantage guarantees our work. If you are not happy, we come back and do it again. This is what we do for a living and we’re serious about getting the job done right every time.

We also offer free estimates.

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