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Dust Mites and Your Carpet – What you Need to Know

dust mite allergiesAre dust mites in your house making you and your family sick? The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says that can happen.

“If you have allergies or asthma, a tiny creature living in your home could be making big problems for you. Although you can’t see them, you may be having an allergic reaction to them. They are dust mites and they live in many homes throughout the world,” the Foundation reports.

What are dust mites? As scary as it sounds, they are close relatives of spider. They are also tiny, less than a third of a millimeter so you probably can’t see one without a microscope or a strong magnifying glass.

Why do they cause health problems? Dust mite allergies are among the most common allergies around. The live mites are not a problem. The dead mites and waste products they create are allergens. You breathe in this stuff and it creates common allergic reactions like a runny nose, coughing, red and watery eyes, sneezing and more.

If you have carpet in your house, you probably have dust mites. If you have pets in the house, you definitely have dust mites.

The Clean Advantage is ready to come to your rescue. Our professional cleaning equipment penetrates deep into the carpet to pull out live and dead mites and their waste products. Dust mites feed on dead skin and our equipment removes that too.

Between cleanings you can keep dust mites down by:

• Keeping the humidity in your house below 50 percent

• Keeping pets out of the carpeted areas

• Use a HEPA filter in your home heating and cooling system and in your vacuum cleaner.

• Have your carpets deep cleaned several times a year by The Clean Advantage.

• Use dust mite-proof covers on your bedding and wash your sheets weekly in hot water.

If you do your part and we do our part, you should breathe easier in your home. Call The Clean Advantage today to schedule your carpet cleaning service.

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