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Got Moths? Here is what to do

If you find you have moths, turn the light off. Seriously and all joking aside, it is a real problem if you have a fine moth-solutionsoriental or pure silk rug.

What is eating my rug?

It is not the moths. They do not have mouth parts capable of chewing. It is their larvae dining on your fine rug.

The larvae love natural fibers because their digestion system can handle the keratin in silk and other natural fibers. This means moth larvae love: silk, cotton, wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca and many other natural fibers in finer rugs and closets.

How do I keep moths and their larvae in check?

Do not, repeat, DO NOT use moth balls. They certainly keep moths away, and they also keep doctors happy. The napthalene in the moth balls turns to gas that kills the moths. It is also a pesticide, and if you can smell it, you are inhaling it.

Adults can contract anemia, diarrhea and stomach pain. Babies and toddlers who are likely to see the small balls as candies, can be fatal.

Napthalene gas will also linger on clothes for several days unless washed or hung out to completely air out. This may be fine in the summer when it is nice out but doing so in the dead of winter, like now, is not a great idea.

I read about natural repellents on the Internet!

Great! Are you going to store your fine silk rug in a cedar chest or slather it in various essential oils? If so, more power to you. Remember – we clean rugs for a living. Call us when you cannot get the essential oil out of the rug. We are glad to help.

The best solution is prevention. Regular scheduled cleanings will keep your moth problem in check and have your rug looking in top shape for many years to come. This way you will not have to worry about leaving the light on either. Contact The Clean Advantage today to schedule an appointment.

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