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Planning a Holiday Party? Schedule a Carpet Cleaner Ahead of Time

If you’re the kind to have holiday parties, then you know the messes that can come from having lots of people and carpet cleaning after partylots of food. The Clean Advantage is here to help.

Wine, cranberry sauce, fudge and so many more things can be dropped on your carpet. These things can make a huge mess. If this happens at your house, you need to take some immediate action.

First blot up as much of the stain as you can. You get to get as much of the liquid as possible out to keep it from spreading and sinking deeper into the fabric. Remember, you have people in the house who’ll be stepping on the spot, helping to drive it deeper.

Pour a bit of water over the stain and again blot it dry. This will help pull more of the stain up. Don’t use a lot of water. Think wet towel. With that done, blot it dry again.

If you can, throw a small towel over the stain. It’s not hiding the stain, as much as reminding people “don’t step here.”

Call The Clean Advantage. You tell us what the stain is. We may be able to give you a bit more advice on how to handle it until we can get to your house for a thorough cleaning.

We also need to get there as soon as possible. We’re not going to come during your party, but we can certainly be there the next day. The sooner we can get to the stain, the easier it is to remove it.

If you have time, calls us before your party. We’ll come out and clean your carpets to get them looking as good as possible for the family and friends who will stop by. Our cleaning service also gets rid of odors and allergens that may be lurking the carpet.

You don’t want someone to leave your party because they are having an allergy attack from something in the carpet.

We can also take care of the tile and grout in your bathrooms and floors. We’ll get things looking good. We’ll even apply a protective sealant over the tile and grout.

If you have wooden floors, we can take care of those too. We’ll remove stains and old wax and put a shine on the floors that will delight you. Our cleaning program can even pull grit from the gaps between boards in old floors.

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