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Tile and Grout Cleaning Madison, WI.

Many people have tile and grout in their homes, but have no idea how to maintain them properly.  Most people just focus on their grout lines.  We can start there.  First and foremost, remember that grout lines are basically just like concrete.  They can stain just like your driveways and sidewalks.  That said, the best thing you can do is seal the grout lines with a penetrating sealer.  This sealant is not visible to the eye, but will protect it from stains and make for easier cleaning.  When tile and grout is installed, the grout has to cure before it can be sealed, so it usually isn’t.  You can check for sealant application by jut putting a drop of water on your grout line and see if it beads up or soaks in.  If it beads, a sealant has been applied.  If your grout is older and already stained or just not a color you like, it can also be sealed with a colorant that will cover stains or change the color of your lines altogether.

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Let’s not forget about the tile itself.  While tile doesn’t need to be sealed, often times they have a texture to them and have tiny little crevices and small holes that you’re regular mopping and cleaning can’t reach.  Over time the dirt builds into these and your tile will actually look a different color than it is. The only way to get into these deep crevices is via pressure washing.  I have attached a video to show this process.  It is really surprising how many people forget what there tile looked like before it was cleaned.

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