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Tips to Maintain Hardwood Floors

hardwood floor cleaningThere are few things more elegant in a home than hardwood floors. The beauty and character that comes with age on the floors is certainly something that many cherish. Taking care of them can be somewhat difficult, but here are some great ways to keep your floors in great shape until they can be professionally cleaned.

1. Area rugs – Area rugs have their place. Sitting furniture on area rugs is a great bet as they keep the hardwood looking clean and neat. This keeps these areas of the floors from serious scratches.

2. Take shoes off at the door – Shoes hold sand and debris in them. Walking on hardwood floors with shoes is equivalent of using sandpaper on the hardwood. This is not an ideal way to treat hardwood floors.

3. Spills and stains – The longer you let these sit, the worse it will be. Most hardwood floors are glued down, and this glue can weaken if wet. The spills can also discolor the wood if you don’t take them out quickly. Non-housebroken pets should be kept off hardwood as long as possible.

4. Dry mop – There are plenty of dry mop products on the market that have single use pads. These are fantastic for dust and grime. Best of all, they do not scratch the floor up when you use them. There are some mops that offer a damp use pad as well, and these are completely safe for hardwood floors. Don’t be afraid to use them as they dry rapidly.

5. Regular professional cleaning – There is no substitute for a professional cleaning service. We at The Clean Advantage have everything needed to keep hardwood floors looking their absolute best. We use the latest in cleaning techniques and products along with professionally trained technicians.

If you are looking to have your hardwood floors cleaned, do contact us. We will come out to your home for a free, no-obligation quote that will meet you budget and needs. Email, call or fill out the form on the website. Someone will be back with you in a short time.

Call the professional floor cleaners at The Clean Advantage today (608) 848-8249 to schedule your next hardwood floor cleaning.

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