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Carpet Spot Repairs in Madison

Getting Out Tough Carpet Stains, Bleach Spots & More!

carpet spot removal madison wiYour carpets are a very important part of your home’s interior design, its appearance, and the comfort that it provides to you and your family. Keeping your carpets in great condition is one of your biggest priorities, but accidents are bound to happen, and wear-and-tear is inevitable. At The Clean Advantage, our carpet cleaning experts are dedicated to providing high quality services to our clients to help them keep their carpets in great shape at all times. We specialize in carpet spot repair in Madison, whether it’s due to the sun, bleach or some other factor. We’ll have your carpet looking like new again in no time!

If your carpets have been damaged by bleach, sunlight, or stains, our Madison carpet cleaning experts will be able to solve these problems and restore your carpets to a like-new appearance. Call us today for a free estimate, and we’ll be looking forward to assisting you.

Bleach Spots

Accidents happen, spills happen and sometimes they cause discoloration in our carpets and rugs. We call them “bleach spots”, but they can be caused by bleach, peroxide based products, Acne medications, or even oxidizing cleaners that are used to try to remove a spot. Regardless how it happened, these spots can be very unsightly and make us think we need to live with it or replace the carpet.

Repair is much less expensive than replacement, and our Madison carpet cleaners can help. If you have unsightly spots call us at 608-848-8249 for a free consultation and estimate on repair.

Sun Fading

Do you have that one room of carpet that is faded from sunlight? The carpet is is good shape, so you don’t want to replace it, but the color just doesn’t look great. Our Madison carpet cleaning experts can perform a color restoration, where we add some color to the entire room and make it vibrant again. Call us at 608-848-8249 for a free consultation and estimate.

Color Change

Sometimes we just don’t like the color of our carpet. Whether it came with the house or we just got tired of the color. If the carpet is still in great condition, doing a color change will be much less expensive than replacement. We can simply add new color to the entire room and change the color completely or just tweak it a little. Call our Madison carpet cleaning company at 608-848-8249 for a free consultation and estimate.

Ugly Stains

Again accidents happen, things spill, and sometimes even professional carpet cleaners can’t remove the stain, be it coffee, red wine, pet stains, etc. The Clean Advantage will first try everything possible to remove the stain, but if that doesn’t work we can bleach the stain out and re-dye the area. This is quite a science, so please don’t try to use bleach on your own. It has to be neutralized at the right time, or it can destroy your carpet. If you have unsightly stains call us at 608-848-8249 for a free consultation and estimate on repair.

If you’re looking for carpet dyeing or bleach spot repair services in Madison, then please call The Clean Advantage at 608-848-8249, or complete our online request form.

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