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Wool & Oriental Rug Cleaning in Madison

rug cleaning madison wiWool and Oriental rugs are attractive items to place anywhere in a home or office, and they can go a long way toward improving and enhancing any kind of interior design. Wool is a warm, strong fiber that feels comfortable on the skin, and Oriental rugs are known for their elaborate designs, unique texture, and intricate weaving. Keeping these rugs clean is an important part of keeping them in excellent condition, and our Madison rug cleaning experts can help.

At The Clean Advantage, our professional carpet cleaners can handle a wide range of rug cleaning needs. Wool and Oriental rugs are attractive, but the intricate designs could increase the difficulty of the work. That is why using a professional is highly recommended. You save the time and effort of cleaning while getting the results that you desire when you hire us for floor cleaning services in Madison and the surrounding areas.

Wool Rug Cleaning in Madison

Wool is such a thick fiber that a lot of dirt and debris gets trapped, so you must clean this type of rug frequently. Constant vacuuming is not enough to maintain the cleanliness. You should contact qualified professionals who do regular maintenance work. They use special brushes and detergents that are safe to use on wool. If you want rugs to continue looking good, invest in reliable cleaning services.

Our Madison carpet cleaning company can work with you determine a regular schedule for your rug cleanings and help you keep your wool rugs in the best condition possible.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Madison

Cleaning Oriental rug fibers is similar to cleaning wool. The fibers do not do well under extreme conditions like too much water or heat. There are ways that you can maintain these rugs. Vacuum, brush and clean the fibers with a gentle rug shampoo. Make sure that you penetrate deep below the surface. Another option is to use the steam cleaning technique. You mainly need hot water, soap and steam cleaning equipment.

Our professionals will be able to find the best methods possible to thoroughly clean your oriental rugs safely.

Our 9-Step Rug Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection of Your Rug
  2. Dry Soil Removal
  3. Dye Test and Dye Protection
  4. Pre-Spotting/Conditioning and Fringe Preparation
  5. Rug Washing
  6. Rinse and Fringe Cleaning
  7. Speed Drying
  8. Final Detailing
  9. Optional Post-Cleaning Treatments

If you’re looking for a professional that provides wool or oriental rug cleaning services in Madison, then please call The Clean Advantage at 1-608-848-8249, or complete our online request form.

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