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Tile & Grout Cleaning

tile grout cleaning madison wiAt The Clean Advantage, we understand how important it is to care for tile and grout correctly at commercial and residential properties, which is why we offer expert services for tile and grout cleaning in Madison. Tile used for a building’s floors, walls and counter tops is expensive to buy and install. Many of our clients spend a lot of time searching for the best ceramic or stone tile to provide the perfect decor for the rooms in their home. They often continue to decorate a room with colors that complement the tile’s designs.

No matter how great other elements of your interior design are, if your tile and grout aren’t clean, they’ll detract from the overall attractiveness of the room. Hiring a cleaning service to keep your home’s tile looking great is necessary. Fortunately, customers can call us to remove dirt, grime, and stains from the tile in their homes and businesses, and all of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Tile and Grout Caulking and Sealants

You should also have the surfaces of your tile caulked and sealed after cleaning. The tile on the floor in your business or home collects a significant amount of grime in a short amount of time. Grout between tile located on bathroom walls and kitchen counter tops will lose its protective coating, leading to the porous substance collecting pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

At The Clean Advantage, our Madison floor cleaning experts use nonabrasive tools and cleansers to scrub away food stains and soap scum from a variety of tile materials. Our goal is to clean and sanitize tile while maintaining its beauty. In addition to sanitizing tile inside a building, we clean exterior tile located on walkways and patios. Our professional Madison carpet cleaning contractors will use the appropriate cleaning method for your tile and grout before applying new caulking and sealants.

Having the pros at The Clean Advantage means you get:

  • Professional results – We have the knowledge, equipment and experience. We get the job done right.
  • Protection – When we’re done, we seal your tiles and grout. This increases their life. Less maintenance on your part means less money spent on expensive work.
  • No damage – Some commercial tile cleaners are abrasive. They can scratch your tiles. In the long term, this makes things a lot worse. Scratches are just more places for grime to accumulate. Scratching the grout removes it. Re-grouting can be expensive.
  • Our guarantee – We do the job right. Every time.

Call the tile and grout cleaning professionals at our Madison carpet cleaning company today.

Serving Verona WI and surrounding communities, including:

  • Middleton, WI
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  • Fitchburg, WI
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  • Oregon, WI

Best Tile & Grout Cleaning Verona WI

If you’re looking for tile and grout cleaning services in Madison, then please call The Clean Advantage at 608-848-8249, or complete our online request form.

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