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When it comes to carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning in the Fitchburg area, no other company comes close to the quality of service and the guarantees offered by The Clean Advantage. We’ve built our reputation one customer at the time. So many of your friends and neighbors have called us. Anytime they need a really deep cleaning in their carpet, they don’t even look around. They just call 608-848-8249. They make an appointment and know we’ll be there on the dot.

• On time.

• Expert service.

• Our service guarantee.

• Free estimates


Why do so many people trust us and use our carpet cleaning service? Because they know our truck-mounted cleaning equipment is superior to anything they can rent in a department store or buy. Our equipment pulls more moisture out of the carpet than any portable system. Leaving too much moisture in the carpet will lead to serious long-term problems. People with pets also trust us because our system removes pet odors, it doesn’t just cover them up. Our cleaning also pulls allergens out of the carpet so the whole family will breathe easier.

We also move the heavy furniture. We do ask that you move valuables into a room that we’re not going to be in. Fitchburg, call us anytime.


Routine tile and grout cleaning is something you do. But when it comes to a really deep cleaning, call the pros at The Clean Advantage. We know how to get that grime coat off the tiles to resort the shine. We know how to pull dirt out of the grout without damaging it. We don’t use abrasives; those scratch tile and strip grout. When we’re done, we put a sealant over the tile and the grout. This preserves the work we did and makes it easier for you to wipe things down between professional cleanings.


When it comes to the best and most thorough cleaning for your upholstery, The Clean Advantage is the company to call. We have the knowledge and the equipment. If your fine furniture gets stained, call us immediately. We can give you tips to keep the stain from setting while we are on the way to remove it. If you just want a routine cleaning, call and make an appointment. When we’re done, you’ll find it hard to believe it is the same furniture.

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